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Pioneer Farm was purchased in 2006 by sisters Rachel and Deb Geiser and their mother Jean Geiser. It was one of the original four farms settled in the Kidron area. We are currently maintaining 26 raised beds, four traditional gardens, a small apairy, and free-range chickens with plans for expanding our livestock and gardens in the coming years.

Our vision for the future includes offering seminars, great produce and more! We invite suggestions for how we can serve you or your group in ways that encourage Sustainable Agriculture.  

Rachel obtained her degree from Akron University in the Spring of 2006, with a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources and an Associates Degree in Business Management. She has owned a cleaning business for the past 11 years and currently manages IXL Pioneer Farm.

Jean is pleased to help manage IXL Pioneer Farm as well as handling many other responsibilities.

Deb Geiser helps manage Pioneer Farm teaching culinary classes along with working for Chartwell’s at Ohio Wesleyan University. She is available to cater events, create specialty cakes, breads, and pastries. 

The new addition to our farm last Fall were two Angora Rabbits, Zany and Frisky. Zany is a tortoise color and Frisky is a copper color. They are both good tempered and have wonderful wool.

ORCHARD: At the farm we have a small orchard which includes several varieties of apple trees, peach, pear, and quince trees. This Spring we had Walter Steiner, a local organic farmer come help us prune our trees. In 1953, he quit using chemical fertilizers and began intensive/rotational grazing with his dairy cows. He was one of the first farmer's in the area to make this transition. It was great working with someone with so much knowledge about orchards. Thanks Walter!!

EGGS: Our Free range eggs come from Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, Black Australorp, Dominique and Araucana breeds. Our chickens lay brown, cream, blue and green eggs.

TURKEYS: In April, 2008 we added free-range turkeys to our farm. All of the varieties will be a beautiful addition to the farm along with tasting great on Thanksgiving Day. The varieties include:

bees  bees

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