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Two new varieties coming this Spring and Summer:

Lokalon Garlic
Mid-season. A spirited strong garlic with a bit of bite. Buff-colored wrappers engulf the short, squat bulbs, while helfty cloves are skinned in silken beige.Enjoy this garlic in hummus for a spicy twist. Virus free. From the former Yugoslavia.

Chinese Pink Garlic
Very early season. When fall planted, this extra-early maturing variety will put fresh garlic back into your favorite recipes a whopping 4-6 weeks ahead of most all others.
Harvest Chinese Pink late May to early June. Stores for 4-5 months. Chinese Pink has a nice mellow flavor that everyone can enjoy.

Garlic Varieties Available for Cooking and Seed:

Russian Red: (Hardneck) 6-9 cloves per head.
Best storing garlic. Smaller bulbs than German Extra Hardy with slightly stronger flavor (bold). Cold hardy.

German Extra Hardy: (Hardneck) Large bulbs with 4-5 cloves.
Among the most winter hardy of garlic varieties. Outside skin is very white; skin covering the cloves is dark red. Not too hot and good flavor. Stores well.

Music: (Hardneck) 4-6 cloves per head.
Mild with sweet, pungent flavor, hot when eaten raw. Contains a high content of allicin that boosts the immune system. Very hardy and stores well.

Chet’s Italian: (Softneck) 10-12 large cloves per head.
This mild softneck is superb for salads, sandwiches, and other raw or lightly cooked foods. Perfect for those who like mild, but still tasty garlic. Stores well. Earlier harvest than much other garlic.

Elephant Garlic: (Hardneck) 5-7 very large cloves per head.
Closely related to leeks verses garlic. More perishable than other garlic (does not keep as long). Use when a hint of garlic is wanted in food.

Red Rezan Garlic: (Hardneck) 8-12 cloves per head.
Hot but no after taste. Glazed purple stripes are known for having the best garlic flavor after cooking. Wonderful with potatoes! Will store up to 5 months.

Vermir Garlic: (Hardneck)
Reddish brown color. Well adapted in Ohio soil. Easy peel cloves. Excellent in Pesto! Seed from Hawkeye Garlic.

German White Garlic: (Hardneck Porcelain) 4-6 cloves per head.
Tight skins, stores well, with moderately spicy flavor. A reliable variety for the home gardener. Great for roasting. Stores well.

Chilean Silver: (Softneck)
Pure white garlic. Has robust, spicy flavor. Stores up to 12 months.

Inchelium Red Garlic: (Softneck) 8-10 large outer bulbs and 10-15 small to medium cloves in the center.
Top rated softneck garlic. Mild but lingering flavor. Good for braiding and cooking. Stores for 6 to 9 months. Harvest mid-season.

New York Garlic: (Softneck) 10 cloves in layers.
Has light purple coloring. Great garlic to grow in the North. High yield and good flavor.

Grey Shallots:
Grey shallots are considered to be the only “true” shallot. Prized by gourmet chef, they have a hard grey skin and tender pink and white flesh. They have a very mild, delicious garlic/onion flavor.

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