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IXL Pioneer Farm Shop Hours

Tuesday and Thursday’s 10:00am to 2:00 pm
Saturday 9:00am to 3:00pm
Or by appointment

Stop in at our shop and enjoy a pastry, coffee, or create your own gourmet hot tea.

New Compendium Books:

Welcome Book for Guests
Memorial Guest Books
Wedding Guest Books

Also now available at our shop are "grab and go" 31 bags, purses and coolers. These make great Mother and Father's Day presents! Fill them with Specialty Items from our Shop!

May 11, 2013 Heirloom Plant Sale

Some of the "NEW" Heirloom Plants available will be:

A Grappoli D'Inverno - Red Cherry Tomato that resembles a little Roma tomato. Can be used fresh or dried.

Belize 'Pink' Heart- from Belize, medium large burgundy pink and heart shaped. Flesh is very tender and juicy.

Woodle Orange- Brilliant tangerine color. A good main-season producer and a favorite for flavor and yield.

San Marzano- Long red, cylindrical fruits filled with thick, dry flesh and few seeds. Great eating and canning tomato.

Yellow Mortgage Lifter- Large and bright yellow with rich flavor and quite rare.

Black Cherry- a purple/brown cherry tomato. Delicious tasting with high yields.

Natures Riddle- Golden yellow with streaks of blushing salmon pink. Very sweet and meaty.

Long Island Improved Brussesl Sprouts
Romanesco Italia Broccoli
Purple of Sicily Cauliflower

Garlic for sale prices are: $12.00 per pound - Click here for garlic details.

Garlic heads also sold individually at the shop from .75 to $2.00 per clove.

Some of our pasta is made with eggs, or can be egg-less. All the herbs used are fresh from the garden. The three varieties (which are just a few...we make other varieties also).

Iin the picture are: Egg Noodle, Spinach Herb Pasta, and Lemon Basil Pasta.

Some of the latest arrivals at the shop!

Try an edible flower bouquet for the person who loves to cook and have fresh herbs! When fresh produce is not in season we also have an array of canned goods, potatoes, onions, leeks, honey, candles, soaps, winter greenery swags, primitives, wreaths, and more!

Several seasonal items available for easy pick-up will be: fresh salad bags with herbs and edible flowers, stir-fry mixes, fresh mint tea mixes, and fresh artisan breads.

Pioneer Farm Gift Baskets are available all year long in three sizes to fit a range of budgets. Baskets start at $25.00 and up. Pick your seasonal produce or let us create a basket especially for you!

For a set fee at the farm we can provide market baskets filled with seasonal produce to customers on a regular basis (weekly/bi-weekly/ or monthly). Along with produce, baskets can also include: free-range eggs, fresh artisan breads and pastries, homemade pasta, and flowers. This will assure customers that they will be supporting local farmers and consuming nutritious, fresh produce. Baskets may be picked up at Pioneer Farm during shop hours, or by appointment.

Now available are:

Homemade All-Fruit Pies. Varieties include (but not limited to): Blueberry, Raspberry, Peach, Cherry, Apple, Ground Cherry, Grape, Pumpkin, and Mulberry.
Pies can also be made in Whole Wheat crusts.

We now carry Campo De' Fiori Products - Aged, mossed terra cotta planters, urns, and botanical pot series
hand blown glass terraria with aged terra cotta bases

Campo De’ Fiori has a natural aging process requires patience and time – in the making, in the finishing, and in the greenhouse. This allows the magic to take shape through Nature’s hand. Others may try to dupe you with artificial this or that, and quick fixes, but we simply won’t. Nor will we use or sell to you materials that cannot return naturally to Our Earth. And once our terra cotta pots are planted, the natural aging process will continue evolve, creating a varied surface texture of vibrant mosses along with naturally occurring colors that evoke the classic look of antiquity we so revere.

Heritage Organic Turkeys will also be available for this upcoming Holiday Season.


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